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by: Anita Lovely

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I designed Gentle Yoga Therapy™ to provide an emotionally and physically safe practice for women to deal with their stress and tension, and to improve their sense of well being. It is based on a concept that I was looking for, but couldn't find, when I was going through some very tough times years ago.

A horrible car accident left me with chronic lower back pain; and an unhappy marriage left me with emotional pain. Both incidents led me to embark on a YOGA/PILATES/COACHING journey that has enlightened me and healed me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I now offer what I've learned to other women through my Gentle Yoga Therapy™ practice in the privacy of their homes, or in a Buckhead yoga studio. This practice is
real and effective because I facilitate the practice with a clean and unbiased heart, mind and spirit.

This is a holistic approach to decreasing pain, stress, & tension of the mind, body & spirit; and it allows my clients to live their best life now! It is especially appreciated by mature women, and those who appreciate an unhurried, gentle practice.

Gentle Yoga Therapy emphasizes honoring your body by taking the time to align your body properly before moving into easy, but very effective yoga and Pilates poses, and then gently allowing your body to move only in the healthy way your body desires. I incorporate deep breathing exercises, holistic life coaching, paradigm shifting, goal setting, reverent meditation, affirmations, and acknowledgements of self-growth.

All of the yoga and Pilates poses (asanas) are 
adjusted for the individual's body, and are modified to accommodate each client's needs. The session ends by easing into five to ten minutes of relaxation during which my client concentrates on gratefulness and acknowledgement of self-growth. All of this is done with soothing, soft & gentle yoga music in the background. 

This practice is based on the belief that we should treat our bodies, minds, and spirits with the love and respect that we deserve, and want for ourselves and others. This practice is also based on Agape' Love: a compassion for all humanity and God's creations.


       Take time to strengthen your mind, body and Spirit. Achieve your goals! 
                                 I will help you get the results you want!
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